Terrence ‘Terry’ Griffiths

Terrence ‘Terry’ Griffiths is a now retired Welsh-born snooker player turned active snooker coach and pundit. Throughout his career, he was renowned for his slow, yet cautious style of play.


Griffiths is known for being one of seven snooker players to have achieved the snooker’s triple crown in his career. His greatest accomplishments includes winning the World Championship in 1979, reaching the 1988 final and winning the 1982 UK Championship and the 1980 Masters.


He initially started his professional career at the 1978 UK Championship, where he experienced an 8-9 loss to player Rex Williams after leading. Griffiths eventually made an unexpected foray into the 1979 World Championship, where he later went on to beat Dennis Taylor in the final. Leading Taylor 24-16, his win was actually his first attempt at making the Championship Final.


Griffiths eventually went on to have a relatively successful career throughout the 1980s, starting the year off by winning the Masters after beating Alex Higgins.


In the 1990s, his career began significantly slowing down; he later announced his retirement from the game after losing to his rival Steve Davis at the 1996 Crucible. Griffiths officially retired from his professional snooker career in 1997.


Griffiths soon became a renowned snooker coach, who went on to coach many top players. He currently coaches players like Mark Williams, Marco Fu and Mark Allen. Griffiths also provides snooker commentary for the BBC.

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