Carys Davina Grey-Thompson

Carys Davina ‘Tanni’ Grey-Thompson is a Welsh-born former wheelchair racer, who now works as a parliamentarian and a television presenter.


Grey-Thompson was born with a condition known as spina bifida, one that necessitates her to use a wheelchair. Her athletic abilities eventually helped her work toward becoming one of the most successful disabled athletes in the United Kingdom. Her lauded Paralympic career started with her participation at the 100m event of the 1984 Wales Junior National Games.


Grey-Thompson eventually moved into the international scene in 1988, where she went to the Seoul Summer Paralympic Games and won a bronze metal in the 400m event. Her final and fifth Paralympic Games was at the Athens event in 2004, where she finished out with two gold metals in wheelchair racing for the 100m and 400m event.


Throughout her entire Paralympic career, Grey-Thompson won 16 medals: 11 gold, four silver and a single bronze metal. She also won 13 World Championship medals in her entire career, spanning six gold, five silver and two bronze medals. In addition to her medal count, she also held over 30 world records and won the London Marathon six times between the years of 1992 and 2002.


In February 2007, Grey-Thompson officially announced her retirement. Her last sports-related appearance took place at the Manchester Paralympic World Cup in May of that year.

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